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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Birds on a Wire

Wordless Wednesday...?  

     I usually don't jump on the bandwagon of, "Follow-me-Fridays....Talented Tuesdays...etc."  Not that I don't enjoy reading those kinds of blogs...and who doesn't love some alliteration...?  However, I don't think this blog-writer could really function with that kind of structure...meh. 

     With that being said, I will tell you that today was the first day of school, and I (hands down) have the bestest group of kiddos this side of the Mississippi River.  We have a lot to learn this year, and by golly, I'm up to the task. 

Sorry, I have no idea why that late 1800's, frontier-style lingo came out of nowhere.  

Get a long, little doggies.  

Anyway, I bet by now, you're wishing I WOULD have chosen Wordless Wednesday...

     Did I tell you that I burned dinner?  I burned dinner in the crock pot, no less.  It all started because I used thawed meatballs (I made them from ground turkey) because I didn't want to use the fatteningly delicious FROZEN meatballs from the freezer section (made with greasy ground beef).  I think the lack of frozen meat in the slow cooker meant the temperature didn't regulate (the recipe called for frozen meatballs) needless to say, everything was soggy and burnt.  

"...the temperature didn't regulate...?"  You didn't know I was a scientist, did you?  A late 1800's-frontier-style scientist.  

Yee-haw to the tenth power squared.  Or something like that.  

This is what I would post if I was a normal-girl-who-was-not-exhausted.  Why don't you just pretend I posted something like this instead.  Mkay? 

This photo reminds me so much of August.  I'm not sure why, but I love it.  

I have officially labeled this post, nonsense, in case you were wondering.  Yes. I am aware.  I am very aware...that's gotta count for something.  


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Jena Carper said...

Burning food happens to be my speciality. Although, I have never tried from the crockpot :)