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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shake Shake

I don't know much these days, but I do know a few things.

First of all, I want a record player (vintage or otherwise) so badly that I could just cry right here right now.

     I am a third generation Nazarene.  (It's not weird or 'cultish,' I promise).  In case you didn't know this, technically, we're not "supposed" to dance.  I was well into my 20's before I ever attended a wedding with "dancing."  It was cool, but also kind of awkward.

     I am married to the son of a preacher man which might make me Nazarene twice, nay, three times or something silly like that.  Which is fine by me.

     However...give me a loud beat and some good lyrics and alas, I can't help but shake my groove thing. That's right. My groove thing. This was confirmed in the "Home Audio" section at Best Buy today.  It was not even a little embarrassing.

     I had NO IDEA Jimmy Page was so old.  No offense, dude.  No offense.  You can trash talk me if you really wanna.  I'll even give you a topic, Jim.  No less than 4 hours ago, I could be seen dancing in the middle of Best Buy.  Discuss.  

     Also, if you get poison ivy, it will itch.  It will itch for a very long time.  You will think you are probably going to still be itching on your 89th birthday.  And then it will get better (I think).  

Love and less nonsense,

There are no pictures attached to this post because well, frankly, I'm lazy.

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