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Friday, September 17, 2010

A Very Tiny Speck

Dear  Future Kiddo, 
     Last night, I dreamed about you.  You were a boy.  The doctors took you away and I couldn't see you for a long time.  I got dressed.  I looked for you, and  then I found you in the hallway.  I cried my head off because I was so happy.  I wanted to take you home.  We named you Grayson after your father.  The more I thought about it, the more I really liked that idea.   I wanted to call you "Gray" for short.  Gray.  The color of all the roads you will travel during your lifetime.  
     And even though I woke up to my normal life- without you- and I kissed your father and I made coffee and I rushed out the door per usual, thoughts of you rolled around in my head all day.  

     One of my favorite authors says that he envisions God walking toward him down a dirt path.  He says He started out as a tiny speck, but He is getting closer.  He says that someday, he will see the lines on His face.  

     You and I?  I think we are the same way.  

My name is Holly Bierly Young, and something really weird is happening.  

Love and other weird stuff, 

P.S. Just for the record, even with all this being said, if I wind up pregnant within the next year, I'll be just as surprised as you.  


Mrs. Werginz said...

What a wonderful post! Even if your speck becomes a reality down the road...that is a fun dream! I love Gray too!

carmen @ life blessons said...

Ah, Holly do you know how much I absolutely love this post? I love that we're growing up to the point where we're actually ready to take on and love the responsibility of bringing babies into this crazy world. I can't wait until we all become mommies!!