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Saturday, January 8, 2011

And the winner is...

     I thought it might be fun to lighten the mood a bit, and help spread the love for some of my blog-pals out there! Recently, Hannah Sullivan gave me "The Stylish Blogger Award."  Given how much I despise January, and my husband's recent lay-off, this sweet, sweet comment/Award came at the perfect time. :)  

     I think I found Hannah through sisters/friends Anna Lynn Riley and Olivia Carter, but you know, sometimes, it's hard to keep track.  

     The "rules" ask you to share 7 things about yourself and then share the award with 15 other newly discovered blogs (therefore, also giving THEM the award).  

Here are my lists of fun facts and blogs! 

1.)  I hate January. I am, desperately trying to make friends with it, but this good ole' first month just isn't having any of it. 

2.)  I am trying to "get into" couponing.  It has been a little more difficult to navigate than you'd think, but I'm hoping it pays off in the end! (Literally!)  

3.)  Sometimes, I watch a re-run of Friends, only to find I have SEVERAL of the lines memorized

4.) I have an etsy shop, but haven't taken the time to do much with it.  I'm looking forward to digging my heels in and starting a new-sort-of business venture!

5.)  For my birthday last year, my husband offered to build me a rabbit hutch (and buy me a rabbit).  After careful consideration, we decided on a parakeet instead (scrappy dogs and cowardly rabbits don't usually get along).  We ended up with a nice/somewhat expensive bird cage...and still no bird.  We're planning on getting one in the spring...although spring of what year, I'm not sure (haha). 

6.)  Every morning, I watch a re-run of 30 Rock or Friends while I'm getting ready for the day. 

7.) Keeping my  car cleaned-out for more than a week at a time is considered a huge success for me (its been about 8 days-hooray!) 

     I have been an avid blog-reader for quite some time and usually stick to my old favorites, so coming up with 15 "newly discovered" blogs was hard to do.  My goal was 10...and I only posted 9.    I hope the "Blog Award Gods" don't mind that I broke the rules (Oh, Yours Truly, forever the rule breaker!)  

     Call me a stickler, but I wanted to post blogs I really  enjoy.  I didn't want to just post whatever was in my history for the sake of posting, you know?  I hope that doesn't make me sound like an award-nazi.  

Anyway, here are the ones that stood out!  

Roxanne and Lorraine (love these two blogging besties)! 

Our city lights (fun/artsy/creative) 

The Allie Bee ( A friend from college)! 

Defying Gravity (Also a friend from college)! 

Joy Just Because


Happy Loves Rosie (LOVE HER STYLE)  

Intangible Goodness (loving her "what I wore" posts and etsy shop!)  

Crazy Mrs. M  (who-recently-butchered-two-pigs! Holy Holy Pig!)  

I hope you found some good, new reads! 

Love and a lot of copying and pasting, 


Hannah Sullivan said...


I hope your month gets better and everything gets back on track! Im glad I could brighten your day though. I will be praying for you and your husband!


Adriel Booker said...

and i must comment that.... you have great taste in shoes! :)

Anonymous said...

January is winter without the holiday cheer. My friend has an etsy shop, her name's taxidermy couture. Pretty cool stuff. I met her on a bart ride. My girlfriend and I watch Friends together, I don't know how but I still find episodes that I haven't seen. Yes, I'm a dude, I know it's kind of weird.

Cute blog btw, you're coolio. Thanks for the nice words