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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Music, a series of posts (Part II)

Track #3
Time to Pretend
Discovered: Through the Magic of Pandora
Fun Fact:  I downloaded the Live version because a.) I love live music and b.) the original video is just too trippy for words.  Seriously strange.  In the beginning of [this] video, these guys sound seriously strung out, but once they start playing, there's no arguing- underneath the wild hair and speculated drug use, there's some serious talent.  These are the kinds of guys you date when you are 17 and want to make your parents mad.

I suggest listening at 1:45

Track #4
By: Regina Spektor
Discovered:  Through the magic of Pandora
Fun Fact:  We could all use a little more Regina in our lives.



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