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Friday, April 6, 2012

Music, a series of post (Part III)

For the first few weeks of April, I'm sharing my "Turning 30 Playlist."  Enjoy!

You can go here and here for parts I & II

Track #5
From me to You
By: Walk off the Earth (cover)
Discovered:  Tim gets all the credit for discovering these talented musicians.  We first saw their video "5 people, one guitar" and instantly fell in love.  You should "like" them on Facebook- all kinds of fun videos and updates.  Talented people who are passionate about making good music.  It doesn't get any better (or more fun) than that!

Here is "5 people, one guitar."

And "From me to You"

I feel like every time I watch this video, I see something new- like "Beard Guy" playing the piano with his foot!

Track #6
The Disco Song
By:Au Revoir Simone
Discovered:  Through the magic of Pandora!



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