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Friday, April 6, 2012

Music, a series of posts (Part IV)

For the first few weeks of April, I'm sharing my "Turning 30" playlist.


Track # 7
On My Way
By: Rusted Root
Discovered:  This song comes to us courtesy of the early 90's.  I WANT to say, I heard it when they played it on an episode of New Girl, but in reality, I rediscovered it thanks to an Enterprise Rental Car Commercial.  Bah!  Either way, it is impossible to NOT relax when hearing this song!

Track # 8
The Ladder
By: Andrew Belle
Discovered:  Through the magic of Pandora.  Oh, for heaven's sake.  This video/song just gets me every time.  For some reason it just makes me want to cry.  Tears of joy, maybe?  I just think it's a lovely song.
"It doesn't matter if I can't clear my mind.  There's a right and a wrong time."

And is that a xylophone?

 Good grief. It's lovely.  Just lovely.


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