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Saturday, October 20, 2012

And then the months passed

Circa August 2012

     And so it must be noted, there were days when I ached for things (which will not be mentioned here) so badly I could feel it in my teeth.

In the mornings, I try Very Hard to listen to The Voice of God. Pressing my cup to the door of heaven.

     After I've showered and dressed and my hair is dry, I get back in bed with Tim and I pray. Because that is what Holly's are good at- the getting back in bed. The prayers are for him.  For our dogs.  For our marriage and his business and for Lucy.  I practice gratitude.  I muster the courage to (for the love of Pete) get back out of bed.

During the day, I pray as people and situations pop into my head.

And at night, I repent.  I reflect on my day.  I pray for peace.

     And sometimes, if the mood strikes, I thank Him for not having those unmentioned things above.  I thank Him for the waiting.  For the no's-when-I-don't-understand-the-reasons.

This too shall pass

or so I've heard.



Tammie said...

such a lovely expression of your yearning for things above.

Ugena Moses said...

I could really identify with the words of this post. The words felt very real and honest. Thanks for that. It is refreshing to read another believer express so clearly about pressing in and even making yourself get out of bed (DEFINITELY can identify!).

Holly said...

Thank you for your sweet comments, ladies. It is always nice to hear someone else is able to relate to the words we put out there- it makes the vulnerability worth it! Blessings to you both! :)