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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hellos, Rules & The Glitten

Hello. I think Kathleen Kelly in You've Got Mail says it best, "I like to start my letters to you as if we are already in the middle of a conversation."

Let's do this.

So, my DREAM-DREAM is to be a stay at home mom and do some freelance writing to supplement our income. I know it won't throw us into six figures or anything like that, but if I can make a little money doing something I LOVE while raising our babies then I think that'd be super-fantastic.

So, this blog is equal parts "want" and "need." I "want" it because I think it's fun. It is an easy way to keep up with my homies (homies? That's right.) and a great way to unwind.

I "need" it because it keeps me connected. It gives me ideas. It helps me edit. It encourages me to ((sometimes)) find my voice, use a thesaurus, find new words, etc. It feels as if there is always something new to be discovered.

But, I'm in a tough spot. I will tell you pretty much anything you want to know. A....N....Y....THING. This can be good. This is, more often then not....bad. So, given that I'm new to "blogger" and because I am a teacher and I heart rules and boundaries, here is a list of things I Love to Talk About, Things I Kind of Hate to Talk About and Things I Won't Touch With A Ten Foot Pole. What can I say? I function well under structure.

Things I Love to Talk About (in no particular order)
My dogs. I call them, "tiny miracles with fur." Not really, but its funny to say anyway. I heart them. I heart them a lot.
Pop culture
Arts/crafts/our house and related projects
My life- things I'm learning-goals

Things I Kind of Hate to Talk About But Will Should It Be Deemed Necessary/ If Pressed
Gas prices
Miley Cyrus
lima beans
Scary Movies
American Idol ((Sorry, guys))
Survivor (again, sorry)
Health Issues (but seriously, I'm fine)
lima beans
lima beans

Things I Won't Touch With A Ten Foot Pole
Work (I teach, and I like it and I kind of don't want to get fired so I think this one's pretty obvious)
Sex (As fantastic as this is, see number one in this list)
Anything negative about friends, family, or Tim (although I'm hard-pressed to find any downsides to being His Wife, I try to respect that not EVERYONE likes having their life plastered all over the internet.)

So, we are taking baby steps. In Honor of my First Official Post, I will share with you my most recent and beloved discovery. The Half Mitten/Half Glove. That's right, The Glitten. I have come the conclusion that my mantra during the winter can no longer be, "Look as fashionable as possible." Instead, I'm chanting, "Be as warm as possible while also trying to look the least like an idiot as possible."

You are correct, I'm trading fashion for warmth, and boy, it is fantastic. No more trudging through the snow in tights and ballet flats for this girl. Yesterday, I went to the store in furry boots (jeans untucked, thank you)....a coat AND a puffer vest...over the coat.

Anyway, I find I like to live on the edge and wear mine unbuttoned (oo-la-la, right?). At the risk of looking like a crazy homeless bag lady, the quick-cover-approach is both convenient and toasty.

Some things to look forward to: Me Ending Sentences with Prepositions, What I Want in a Blog, 2010 Resolutions among other things

Yours Truly (and warmly),



carmen @ life blessons said...

Um yeah, I am totally with you on the "not talking about list." The internet is not very friendly when it comes to those kinds of things!!

Peaches said...

You'll thank me. : )

Faith510 said...

I don't discuss politics either. Oh, and I think every time I see you I ask you for some funny teacher stories. I hope it is alright for you to talk about work IRL.
I'm totally with you on staying home with the kids and doing something PT for extra income. It is so worth it...especially if you can make money doing something you love.