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Friday, February 12, 2010

I've Got Your Heart On A String

I have a friend who wrote about the  chaotic life of being a mom, but she described it as beautiful chaos, and I really loved that.  I think some  most days, that is the life of a teacher in one tiny, noisy, crowded nutshell.  

Yesterday, we had a two hour delay- on top of an assembly AND a Valentine's Day Party. 

It was a rush, to say the least.  I always have a hard time wrapping my head around 2 hour delays.  I feel I have to get up early and lay around so I can really enjoy it, but I also want to use the time wisely at school.   Not that I'm complaining, but I often spend those mornings looking at the clock, re-evauluating my to-do list, and doing clock-math in my head.

And I hate doing math in my head.  

So in between worrying about "enjoying" my delay, feeling eager to get to school, and digging my car out of the snowy-snowy driveway, my morning at home was blur.  

Sometimes, I get to work and feel as if I've already lived an entire day...and it's only 7:30.  Do you ever feel like that?  

As I was running out the door...hands full-coat on-coffee in hand, I spotted my camera on the dining room table and it called out my name.  I thought about my newly-discovered-desire to start taking more photos (((and have even tossed around the idea of doing  a 'photo of the day' for this here blog))).  I threw it in my coat pocket, heaved a sigh, and thought to myself, "You just never know what the day will bring..."  


As we were passing out our Valentine Cards, one of my Little Guys grabbed me out of the crowd and leaned in towards my ear.   

In a tiny voice, he said to me, "I've got a big tangled mess."  I opened the sack to find this staring me in the face.  
(Those are yo-yo's, in case you can't tell)

My first thought was, "There are 1,000 metaphors for this picture right now."  (((I just don't have the time or energy to list them))). 

A wide smile spread across my face, and I whispered, "I'll take care of it."  

I'm not going to lie, as you can see, there were scissors involved. However, after squinting and tugging and pulling and tracing each string with my fingertips, I think this officially qualifies me to be one of those agents who runs into buildings and dismantles bombs.  Pliers in hand, beads of sweat on my brow, yelling, "I have to cut the blue wire!"  All while wearing some really gorgeous shoes. 

Okay, back to reality.  

So, what can I say?  I rock.  And it was a super-fun day.  Like, super-fun.  I know I said I wouldn't write about my job, but I think we will operate using what I like to call, "The Thumper Rule."  If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.  So, this post is my "Something Nice."  

When it is all said and done, I have fallen in love with these kiddos.  It is a tough business and gets quite hairy at times, and I don't  never know what the future holds. 

 I do know that yesterday, I loved my job.  

Did I also tell you that during our party, I leaned on my desk while talking with a parent and sat on TWO cupcakes?  It was HILARIOUS, but let me tell you, there is NOTHING more humbling than having 21 second graders pointing at your bum and laughing.  I am very sorry to say, there is NO photographic evidence of this incident. You'll just have to take my word for it. :)  

Chaos. Beautiful Chaos.  

Love, H. 

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day! 

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