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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Fall: A Story in Pictures

This is a story about a girl who looked a little (okay, a lot...okay, exactly) like this:

 She is the one on the right.  

     This girl loved a lot of things (in no particular order, okay, if she must pick, then Jesus is first) like coffee and dogs and Jesus and dresses (okay, clothes in general).

      Every Sunday, she drove to church (late), and every Sunday, she vowed to never be late again.

     However, today was different.  Today, the stars aligned and The Gods God acted in her favor.  Today, she was early.  Feeling quite proud of herself and wearing her New Favorite Dress, she marched out the door, (((Two))) mugs of coffee in hand along with purse, keys, and yummy granola bar.  She looked a little like this:

However, she began thinking about the clock and her new dress and How Fabulous She Was


...and then she fell in the snow-covered driveway.

And her face looked like this.

     Once she dried her hands...and knees...and shoes....and mugs....she started thinking about how life has a funny way of making us humble exactly when we need it and then she laughed...even though she was now, considerably...


The End 

(((Sigh))) There's always next Sunday.

I want to teach my kids that it is okay, and more often than not, necessary to laugh at ourselves.

H. (Vanessa Hudgens)  (white rabbit) (surprised baby)

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carmen @ life blessons said...

Your posts NEVER fail to make me smile--which is a surefire sign of a very, very good blog! So glad you got back to blogging. It is lovely to have these posts from you waiting in my inbox!