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Tuesday, February 9, 2010 live by the Girl Scout Law...

     I can't remember if it was The Girls or The Boys, but some KIND of Scout proclaimed, "Always be prepared!"  (Yes, I was a Girl Scout as well as a Brownie...and a Daisy...and I still have the 'pledge' memorized! Maybe more on that later!)  :)      

 So, in the midst of all my de-cluttering, I stumbled upon this adorable vintage "Barbie" tin (it actually used to be a Christmas ornament and is a replica of a teeny-tiny lunch box!) :)  I decided to create a make-shift "emergency kit" for my purse.  I included the following items:  

* q-tips
* bobby pins
* hair ties
* two over-the-counter pain pills
*safety pins
*extra earrings (lest I forget!) 
Am I missing anything?   What do you think?  What do you keep your purse/drawer/glove box stocked with?  Love and your-favorite-kind-of-girl-scout-cookie, H.  (ooohhh, I heart thin mints!)  


Peaches said...

An extra set of earrings is so smart! Too often than is normal, I think, I end up realizing I lost ONE earring out of my ear halfway through the day.... (AND no one told me again!)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I might add a stick of gum and one of those really tiny OB tampons :)