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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Since the wreck, I know more what you need.

     With winter lingering a little a lot longer than we'd like, I requested insisted we build a fort using blankets and our pub-height dining room table. After 30 minutes and some Chinese Take-out, we were well on our way to constructing  (((a huge mess)) and a place we like to call Ft. Young:  The Most Easily Destructible Fort This Side of The Mississippi.  

But it was fun.  

     After dinner, we stretched out under the table like two fat, happy cats, and Tim looked at me for a long time like he sometimes does.  It is a look that is so amazing but also a bit elusive.... like I am a present he has just opened. He looks at me like I am a shiny new toy that he doesn't want to break.  Sometimes it makes me feel Very Shy...just like it did that night.   I coyly looked away and sighed, "Life is good."  

And he whispered back the only two words I really wanted to hear.  

"I know."  

Love, H.  


carmen @ life blessons said...

One word: AWWWWWW! Love is good isn't it? I pray that we ALWAYS feel this way about our marriages. (And I really do pray that for all of us!)

carmen @ life blessons said...

(Haha... so I guess that was more than one word!)