Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lay Your Armor Down

So, we just had a miniature ridiculously huge disaster at my house.  

It is a gorgeous day, and we've had the windows open a lot.  Gorgeous.  A few minutes ago, I casually yelled from the living room, "Oh, its the ice cream truck!"  to which Tim replied, "Haha...really?"  

I heard him shuffling around in his desk, and he entered the room with a handful of one dollar bills, proudly displaying them as if carrying a bouquet of roses.  

Me:  What's this...?
TGY: The neighborhood's a loop, he'll come back around.
Me:  What do you want?
TGY:  No, it's for you. 

I smiled a wide smile.  The next 10 minutes promised deliciousness.  

Moments later, he yelled, "Here it comes!"  

I sprung from the couch yelling, "I don't have my shoes on! Where are my shoes?" 

"Who cares...?  Go out barefoot!"  

I dug in the closet for a matching pair and threw open the door...

 only to see the truck whiz by.  

I was, in a word, devastated.  

And I hated how I felt.  I was devastated because 1.) I love ice cream and 2.) I equate the way I approached the situation to the way I approach a lot of things in life. 

While I was digging around for shoes, I felt nervous...silly even.  I felt shy.  

I was also worried about things like approaching a stranger while wearing no make-up and sweats.  Okay, I'll be honest.  I was also worried about ((gulp)) calories.  

There was worry....and maybe a little bit of fear.  

When we become consumed with worry, we miss out on fabulous opportunities like new jobs and new loves...and ice cream.  

I do not want to live like this.  I cannot live like this.  

Tim hugged me gently when he heard the news and we decided that it is still early. We'll get em' next time.  

...and when we do, I shall wear this...

File this under "Things I will Do Differently Next Time."

Love, H.


elizabeth carmen said...

Ahh, that picture made me LAUGH! It's PERFECT for getting ice cream. And just think of how much you'll liven the poor ice-cream driver's day!!

P.S. Give Tim a big high-five from me. That is the sign of a good man! ... They say it's men who you can reach their heart through their tummy, but I know Michael has definitely learned that you surprise me with a candy bar and you're GOLDEN. (This wasn't something I even knew about myself until Michael taught me!)


elizabeth carmen said...

P.P.P.S. I like the newest blog layout!!