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Sunday, October 24, 2010


     I was recently cleaning up around This Little Corner, and realized that there are a lot of decent drafts just waiting to be published.  If my blog were an album, this would be on the B-Side, not because the length or quality is lacking, but simply because perhaps I didn't have the time to make extensive revisions or just wasn't brave enough to hit submit at the time (see below).  Here's a little ditty circa July 2010.       
Sometimes, when we get in bed and it is quiet and dark and I can hear the fish aquarium humming, I want to whisper something to You about babies.

 While telling the story of Jesus' birth, the Bible says that Mary (The Mother of Jesus)  treasured the things that happened surrounding His birth and pondered them in her heart.  Luke 2:19

I wonder if I am feeling a little like Mary right now.

I am pondering.

      But somehow, I can't seem to muster the courage to talk to my husband about this.  So instead I tell you- Facebook Friends, fellow bloggers, complete strangers from the internet.

You see, it seems during these nights that are sticky and hot and when the house is SO quiet that the noise of the ice maker nearly throws us into cardiac arrest...I always chicken out.

Until last night.

     My sister is pregnant...which I realize I have yet to to tell there you go.  We spent a significant time in The Children's Place (I have been there more in one summer than I have in my entire life).  Cute.
     The amazing thing about baby clothes is that if you are patient and savvy and wise, you can find good sales and purchase something soft and adorable for less than what you'd typically pay for lunch.  So, when it comes to gorgeous baby clothes or paying for a meal, (to me at least), the choice is clear.

     So we shopped for a long time and then we left.

     And when I went to bed, little-baby-jammies danced around in my brain.  Blue and green and red with little robots on them...purple ones with pink and green apples...jammies with feet...oh the feet.  Jammies so tiny and soft and clean.

     Last night, we fell asleep lying on our backs with our arms linked, much like a bride and groom walking down the church steps which just seemed funny to if we were two soldiers, marching off to Dreamland.

     In that silent moment that sometimes happens after we stop talking but before we've officially said, "Good Night," I started thinking about those jammies.  So I gathered an armload of courage and whispered to you six of The Heaviest Words Known to Man.

"...Do you ever think about babies....?"

But you were already asleep.

Love and better luck next time,
*Illustration by Eloise Wilkin 


Mrs. Werginz said...

I love you Holly!! Maybe tonight you can ask again before he falls asleep! Footed jammies will get you everytime...wait until you see them on your niece/nephew! Your ovaries are going to hurt. I have 3 nephews and my oldest sister is pregnant again. Babies are so fun...

SMB said...


I just love your blog. It is so refreshing to read a blog where faith is mentioned. I am just starting my blog and I am finding it hard to balance being honest about my humanity and taking frankly about my faith and how important it is to me.

Thanks for being great at it!

btw, I completely know what you're talking about here. I love this chapter, but it's easy to get excited about the next one :)


carmen @ life blessons said...

Ah, Holls. This is such a sweet post (although slightly creepy baby pic!). Sometimes I cannot BELIEVE we are at the age where we're thinking about having babies. Totally shows how grown-up we are. Geez ;)

P.S. Added your little button to a "collection" I just started on my blog: