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Monday, October 11, 2010

Pocket Full of Rocks

     I read this on a friend's blog, and I really loved it.  

Today is a day to come out as stronger version of yourself, no matter your sexual preference, race, creed or color.  

     And I really loved it.  

     Tonight, I am feeling a bit downtrodden for a few reasons that I hope I can clarify with intelligence, love, and perhaps a bit of restraint.  Maybe you are feeling the same way, too.  

     Never-ever-ever will I ever really touch on controversial topics.  I don't want to talk about homosexuality or my stance on same-sex marriage.  I don't know what the future holds, but right now, I have peace in my heart.  I have found an answer I think I can live with.  

     If you are really curious, feel free to send me an email.  Other than that...mmm... no thanks.  I find that a lot of fists-pounding-on-tables tends to spill the coffee.  Well, frankly, I care a lot more about saving the java than my pride. So there you go.  

     However, it really hurts my feelings when someone calmly and respectfully gives a conservative opinion about topics like abortion, homosexuality, and the like and are only met with angry rants that mock religion and assume that this person must be "full of hate" simply because they disagree with someone else's stance.  While this hasn't happened to ME recently, I have been inadvertently reading a lot of ugly rants on the internet and it makes me feel a bit crummy.  Meh. I give up. I quit.  

More than anything, my heart breaks for people who are met with anger, hatred, spite, malice, all in the name of religion.  

If you have found yourself in such dire straights, then my sincere apologies to you.  Please know, that is not the pathway of Jesus.  

If anything, the world we live in is only drawing me closer to Jesus.  

Ever close to you.  

I find myself praying a lot more lately.  

Please know- whether gay, straight, pink, purple, muslim, buddhist, cat-lover, dog-lover, pro-choice, pro-life, (Even you, Michigan Fans)...

You are loved.  

Love and random-almost-political-rants, 

Might I recommend, Ever Close to You by Pocket Full of Rocks


because this was a rather sad and unorthodox post for yourstruly, a really adorable picture of  really adorable puppies.  Carry on.  

by Shirley Glendenning 

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