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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Make it yours day: sweater to pin in five seconds flat

   Hello!  Last night was so cold and rainy...I decided to make the best of it by getting a little crafty!  I pulled two sweaters out of my winter bin with the intention of of goodwilling them when I stumbled upon these adorable scarflettes at I am Momma...

     Well...I have yet to get to those...however, I couldn't stand the thought of wasting all that good extra material so I decided to go from sweater to pin in five seconds flat (hence the title).

Want in on this action?  

Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden

     All you will need is an old sweater, scissors, a hot glue gun, safety pins, some embellishments (optional) and an ounce of courage (a must)!
     Cut the sleeves into thin strips- equal to the number pins you want to make ( I ended up layering two colors for a couple of the pins).  First, you will have an "o" where your wrist/arm would go...cut the "o" so you have one long strip.
Roll them like a cinnamon roll ( a few of my strips had to be tossed- be careful because the yarn starts to unravel, but don't give up)!
Secure the end with hot glue
Add desired embellishments and safety pin onto anything that's not moving!

***Disclaimer*** I am still learning a lot about how to photograph my crafts! Our house is super dark so even with lights on, I can't seem to get a good shot...the color is either a funny orange or everything is blurry.  I welcome any and all suggestions (and am considering asking for a new camera for Christmas!)

Love and better shots next time,