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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So Inspired

    I think in light of Everything...the horrible economy, the crummy weather, the fact that there is absolutely no chocolate in this house...we needed something to lighten the mood and perhaps get our creative/motivated juices flowing.  But first, a story.  

     In college,  I spent some time in California student teaching at a school that was very culturally diverse (which was the point of going to San Diego in the first place).  I loved every minute of it.  

     I had the amazing privilege of working with an adorable gal' named Alisa.  She is incredibly hip and fun and just so very "California."  Her husband burned me My Very First Deathcab for Cutie CD and I have never been the same since.  

Magic, I tell ya.  

     Anyway, her husband's company recently created and released this video, taken on the streets of San Diego.   (Her husband, Cam is the one who's board says, "Evan, Vivian, and the baby in the oven).  

     Watch it. You must.  

What Inspires You? from LJGPartners on Vimeo.

Maybe later I'll post my own list.  Feel free to leave a list of your own! 

     And in case I haven't been clear enough.  The colder it gets, the more I ache for California.  Something fierce.  


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