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Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, George!

This is a little scary for me because I realize I have just clicked "New Post" without any kind of game plan as to what's going to go on "here,"  on this, the 22nd Day of February.  Dangerous?  Sort of.  

Well, in case you missed it, today was George Washington's Birthday.  Happy Birthday, George.  Thanks for, you know, everything.  According to my clock, you have about 89 minutes left to celebrate. Go make the most of it. :)  

I have been thinking a lot about babies. That's right. Babies.  But not for any particular reason (you nosy, kids, you!)  

We need Time.  That's right.  With a 'big' T.  

However, I can't get the thought of little kiddos out of my head these days and I find it wonderfully distracting to tell you the truth.  

As I'm sure you already know (because I have complained and complained about it...), January and February are hard months for me.  

I think this "Time" and these months are our Advent...our Lent Season....our time of waiting.  

Although what we are waiting for, I'm not quite sure.  

I guess we are waiting for the part where God does what he said he would do.  

We are, literally, waiting for a promise to be fulfilled who's central theme is...none other than...a baby...and the idea of rebirth, in a way. it just me or was that like, super-deep?  Wow.  I pulled that from absolutely nowhere.  I guess this is just proof that sometimes, our brains "sit on" things we didn't even really know they were sitting on and then one day...something interesting just falls a tooth we didn't know was loose.  

And now, a little something to lighten the mood.  

I find this oddly amusing...if I were writing a "Baby blog,"  I might actually make this a weekly give away. :)  If you are pregnant or planning on becoming so in the very near future, I will probably give this to you as a shower gift.  I apologize in advance. ;) 

where in the world do I find these things?  

My best to you.  



carmen @ life blessons said...

Haha, you never fail to make me smile! I absolutely love this and love your honesty. I do find myself thinking about babies every once and awhile; I imagine that once Michael finds a job it will become a lot more because then it'll actually be a possibility! If only things didn't depend on little hitches like that!

Anonymous said...

I have baby lust too. Especially when I hold a newborn and smell the top of their soft, fuzzy little head. Mmmmmm.

Holly said...

Ah...I love "baby chick hair" when kiddos are a few months old and start to get ACTUAL hair! :) Love it!