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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Best of What's Around or Happy Easter


 Yes, I made my husband endure an Easter Photo Shoot. He was a fantastic sport (per usual).  It was a marvelous day.  

    Twirly skirts, lots of yummy food, wonderful people, Jesus, and sunshine.   Thus strengthening my theory that somehow, as far as Lives go in general, the stars aligned, God intervened...

and I totally lucked out.  

     Happy Easter to you and yours.  Now, go eat something yummy before the week starts and we all (((feel like we))) have to behave.  

My best to you.  Love, H. 


Peaches said...

I love love that last picture. :)

carmen @ life blessons said...

ahhh. super cute and what a good idea! i think the last time michael and i did a photoshoot...was our wedding!! haha! happy easter lovely!

Megan Marie said...

cute cute cute.