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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Birds, One Stone or The Birthday Post


I wanted to do a lot in a small amount of time and space.  What else is new, right?  I wanted to share with you some important things that have happened in The Year I was 27 before beginning The Year I was 28...

which starts tomorrow.  :)  

I also wanted to share with you some blogs that I find adorable/useful/life changing/just stinking awesome.  I'm addicted.  

Let's pet two birds with one stone.  (That's right, I said pet.)  

Important Things.  Important Blogs.  One post.  


Some A lot of these events/epiphanies were inspired by Real Live People writing Real Live Blogs. Others were just occurrences, coincidences, or perhaps just Things You Weren't Here For.   The links are included, when relevant.  Click on them, you won't regret it, and when you read them and love them (cause I know you will), remember to thank yours truly.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  

This is the year that things started to move in slow slower motion.  I found that I had turned 27 and suddenly, I could breathe   I could think.  I could see. (actually, thanks to a few of the happenings listed below).  This list, these moments of absolute peace and clarity are the result of more air and better vision.  

This little lady, who apparently has a birthday rather close to mine, put it best..."I feel like I'm jumping a mile."  

Here's to more coffee, more miles, and more of the good life.  It just keeps getting better.  

  • My heart softened.  I caught baby fever baby plague and became to the idea of babies and motherhood someday-probably-sort-of-still-far-away.

  • We booked a cruise to Hawaii!!!

  • I started to make things, and by golly, I liked it.   

  • I decided to start turning off the t.v. and pick up a good book gosh-darn-it!  I also got inspired to cook, grow in my faith, and be a better friend, proving this little lady to be a jack of all trades! 

  • I survived the year without my grandpa. 

  • I started praying with my husband AND for my husband much more often.  

  • I found out amazing news from someone near and dear to my heart that I will share with you later.  

  • My Master's Program ended, thank- stinking- goodness! 

  • I took a closer look at what the heck I want to do with This Great Little Life. (and I owe you a live list!)  

  • We changed churches.  We went back to where my heart has always been. We went home.  

By the time I turn 29: 

Participate in another 5 or 10K either walking or running

buy a pedometer and wear it regularly

Finish the ever-elusive book

Purchase an outfit entirely from thrift/second hand stores (minus the undies cause I find that creepy)
...and rock that outfit enthusiastically

Donate my time to some worthy cause at work (I officially took the year OFF in terms of volunteering after I finished my Master's)

Plant a flower garden in the bed by our back patio

Stop picking my nails long enough to justify a manicure

Listen to more Bob Dylan

Do cartwheels down the length of our driveway (and not care who sees it) 

Learn to sew

Find my niche in terms of daily Bible-reading/quiet time 

Remember how to spell words like restaurant (restaraunt?),  commitment     (committment?), and occurrences (occurrances?) .  If not for spell check...

Pay off what little we still owe on our credit card (darn you, moving expenses!)  

I love birthdays.  I want to do a better job of honoring other people's birthdays. On second thought, add that to the list!  

I will tell you now that I am forgetting 85 links and 95 things.  Per usual.  Maybe we'll title the next post Things I Forgot at the Ripe Old Age of 28. 

Either way, I'm inspired. I'm happy.  I'm pushing 30. 

I hope you are, too.  (cause I've heard 30 is the new 20.)  

What can I say? This cup is half full.  Isn't everyone allowed one cheesy picture on the day-before-their-birthday?  

My best to you.  

Love, H.  


Megan Marie said...

LOVE this. get pictures of that driveway-cartwheel! And then the WHOLE world can see it! :) You are delightful.

Amanda said...

You know, Holly, I actually feel HAPPIER just from reading your blog. :3

carmen @ life blessons said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Holly!!

I can't wait to go through these blogs you linked are totally helping feed this blog addiction of mine!


Without Melissa said...

What a wonderful list! Happiest of birthdays to you Holly. Thanks again for including me.


Peaches said...

holly bierly i kind of adore you.

Anonymous said...

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