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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Copy Cat Schmopy Cat or 25 Things I Love

      Um, I stole this idea.  

But that's okay (I think)?  
Oh well, here's my list anyway...on this, the second day of the week.   

1. skirts/dresses with pockets

2. saying, "I Ruv Rou" to my husband

3. when he says, "I Ruv Rou, too."  back

4. using the handheld tool on our vacuum

5. hot air balloons

6. pedicures

7. black and white photos

8.  circa 1920, 30, 40 or 50

9. muppets, that's right. muppets

10. DVR

11.  dogs dogs dogs

12. red brick, ivy covered walls

13.  not losing my sunglasses

14. The Kiss Cam at baseball games

15. The moment someone STOPS tickling you

16. These PJ Pants (recently purchased on sale)

17.  The ability to stay calm and compromise

18.  Those days where you can look back and say, "Holy cow, I got a lot done/finished/whatever." 

19.  Rain right when you need it

20.  When Kroger does 10 for $10 (especially on things like blueberries, peanut butter and cottage cheese!) 

21.  Making the effort to use good grammar

22.  Phonics

23.  Yellow houses

24.  Finding things that are big but not TOO big (pieces of cake, hats, sunglasses, hair accessories, handbags)

25.  Google Reader  




carmen @ life blessons said...

You did try Google Reader!! Wahooey! I'm glad you love it. I knew you would :)

P.S. Those pineapple pants make me smile!

Anonymous said...

Love the pyjamas! (And "I ruv rou" is too cute!:))

Peaches said...

love love love this idea.