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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Worlds Collide or a post about San Francisco

     I often get "on here" and wonder if I will EVER be finished posting about vacation.  Probably not.  This, Sweet Readers, is a post about searching for something and actually being 100% satisfied, pleased as pie, content once you find it.  

     This is also a post about San Francisco.  

      I have become mildly-obsessed with a few blogs since finishing my Master's Program (oh free time, glorious free time)!  I said mildly, okay?  One of my favorite blog-authors happens to have previously lived in San Francisco.  During her time there, she left behind a little treasure  (the etching, NOT the baby, okay?) on a nearby sidewalk that I was bound and determined to find while we visited the city.
     My husband was The Best Sport Ever.  Not being much of a blog reader himself, I think he had a hard time wrapping his head around what exactly we were looking for during our hunt (not to mention WHY we were even looking).  

    We searched for quite a while until we finally found our mark.  In the end, it was quite the adventure and felt pretty close to a real, live treasure hunt.  After nearly 7 months of reading dearbaby and withoutmelissa,  finding her old apartment felt like getting plunked right down in the middle of an old, favorite book.  

     And if you know the true purpose of this trip from reading this or this, then you know these two little words held even more meaning for us.  

Find Joy

Just magical.

 (Although my sister insists that asking an almost-stranger for their previous address via email is creepy, I tend to disagree, and I hope Melissa does too.)

     So, today- I encourage you to think to yourself, "What do I want to find today/next month/next year?  What will I regret not finding or not even TRYING to find when I look back on my life?"  

Now, it's not fair to ask YOU to do something if I haven't done it myself.  True?  

I think my answer right now has to do with Jesus, book-writing, and babies.  

So now you know.  

I've got my GPS, some comfy shoes, and a puppy with a pretty good sniffer.  Let's discover it together.  

Love and successful treasure hunts, 

P.S. I know why you love this city. I see it, too.  


carmen @ life blessons said...

Hahahahaha! I LOVE that you emailed her to get her address. I, personally, would be quite flattered if I were her. And I'm sure she is :) Super cute, Holls! Miss you!

Cassie said...

Ahhh, San Fran. What a wonderful, wonderful place. I've only been there a couple of times, but I'm pretty sure I could stand living there. :) Of course, it's one of the most expensive cities for a reason...

As for your comment on my blog, I can totally relate. It can be SO nervewracking officially sharing it with seemingly everybody. And once it's out there, you definitely have to be careful what you say. But so far, I think it's been a good thing! So I will continue to be brave. :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. You and your hubby are absolutely adorable. You are one of those couples where the love you feel for each other just explodes from photographs.

I love your blog!!