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Monday, July 5, 2010

I'll See You Soon

      I will tell you more about our trip. Really. I will.  We had a fantastic time.  Right now, an update-over-two-weeks just seems overwhelming.   

      We started our trip by driving up and down Highway 1 off the Coast of California.  It's an AMAZING drive and you must do it. You must.  

     In case I haven't told you, my parents were raised (for the most part) in That Great Golden State.  They met and got married on The West Coast before moving to Ohio.   I spent many a summer visiting my grandparents in Southern CA breathing in the smog and hunting for snails in their subdivision.

 Between opportunities to student teach-weddings-visits-funerals...

 I just keep finding myself back there.  

     My mom and I had an interesting conversation about California.  We talked about how there is a Strange and Mysterious part of us that just feels as if California is home.  I sort-of-kind-of-feel like that is where "We" got our start; all because two people moved West and fell in love.  

     Tim and I spent about a week in California first before heading to Hawaii.  Strange as it may seem, once we left California, when the airport was crowded or the roads seemed confusing or in times of general vacation-y-travel-distress, I often found myself longing for CA rather than home.  

     In second grade, we study butterflies.  I recently learned that monarchs have a migration pattern that leads every fourth or fifth generation to Mexico and then back to their homelands where they mate, lay eggs, and eventually die.  
     Somehow, the caterpillars that emerge from those eggs transform, and just KNOW what path will lead them to Mexico...even though they've never really lived there- they just know. 

That's their destination.  They can feel it. And Scientists are baffled.  

Me & California?  I think we are a lot like that.  

Love & a fancy-new-collage, H.  


Dirty's Crew said...

i heart you and i heart your post. truly glad for a fantastic vacay for the both of you!

carmen @ life blessons said...

Oh, I like that picture Holly. And SO GLAD to have you "home"...even though I'm not there to welcome you in person!

ellaizasantiago said...

have a great trip!
it's my dream to go there, or somewhere like CA,and Hawaii. i only see those places in postcards and pictures in internet.
someday, definitely, i'll be there. no matter what. :)
but for now, i'll enjoy reading things about them... luxury retreat hawaii, travel hawaii, Vacation is CA.