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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Powers that Be

     I put a lot of pressure on this trip.  I treated it the way 'us girls' are tempted to treat our in, "It has to be spectacular with lots of ice sculptures and an $80,000 fireworks display."  (not that our wedding was ANYTHING like fact: the earrings I wore on my wedding day were from wal-mart)  

In short, I wanted this trip to change change us.

As you may know, I wanted to have this earth-shattering moment while standing next to The Bixby Canyon Bridge.  Cause we can plan our epiphanies, can't we?

Or not.

     Don't get me wrong.  Seeing that bridge was amazing, but what surprised me was the fact that the changing didn't arrive in That One Large Bridge Seeing Moment.  It happened in a lot of little moments all strung together and it's still happening now.
     I remember sitting in LAX after discovering that our flight to Honolulu had been cancelled and realizing that the time had come for us to surrender to something that was larger than ourselves...

Isn't that just so...LIFE...?  

Yes.  Yes it is.  Sometimes we forget.  Well, sometimes I forget.  

     One of my FAVORITE days while we were gone consisted of snorkeling off the coast of Kauai surrounded by HUGE cliffs.  Tim & I headed back to the boat, but I hung back for just a few moments.  I just needed a minute.  A minute in the water.  

     So I floated for a little while with my toes sticking out of the water and my eyes on the cliffs and just allowed myself to feel very small.
     At first, I started praying for a lot of little moments like that- moments where I can feel small, but that started to feel scary so I quit...which is not necessarily a good thing. ((sigh))

And then I found myself humming that old Nickelcreek line

Sometimes I pray for a slap in the face...then I pray to be spared cause' I'm a coward.  

And again...that's just so LIFE...isn't it?  

So...that is where we are.  Three photos, one large sigh, several of these (...), and one song quote later.  

All good things.  

Oh, and by the way, it's official.  I cannot watch Supernanny anymore.  Too many spoiled kiddos is likely to give me an ulcer.  Yipes.  

Also, my husband snores, but you didn't hear that from me.  

Lastly, I love when my Macbook notifies me of an available update.  It feels like I am getting something for FREE.

That is all. You are dismissed.  

Love and earlier bedtimes, 

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Peaches said...

Hahaha, I went on a Supernanny kick for awhile. Hilarious.