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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Rest is History

     Oh, Blog.  Oh tiny-and-neglected-for-five-days-blog.  

     Honestly, there hasn't been a lot going on around here.  We are upgrading our house...right down to the switch plates.  So, needless to say, the place feels like a war-zone.  But I can see that someday in the not-so-distant future, it will all be good.  

     Yesterday, I was cleaning out some things and found the extra pet bedding I had intended to use for Beezus.  Tons and tons leftover.  So, I did what any good clean-sweeper would do....I put it on craigslist.  

     Dragging it out to the driveway to give to the lady who responded (quite promptly, I might add), I couldn't help but feel a little devastated.  

     I think I am the kind of person who always needs something delicate and cuddly to have around.  Maybe having a baby will change that.  

What can I say? I still miss that little guy.  

     So, in honor of moving on and growing up and letting go, here are 10 Things I learned from a tiny, spotted mouse. 

1.  Know what you like, know what you don't like and don't be afraid to own up to it.
Beezus was never too proud to munch on a free cheeto, but was also bold enough to turn down anything he wasn't too crazy about.  

2.  Be cuddle-y. 

3.  Next time someone lets you sit on their table, enjoy the view. 

4.  Run a little bit everyday, even if the only time you can squeeze it in is late at night

5.  Get enough sleep. Lots of sleep.  Don't let anyone make you feel strange or out of place or guilty for the copious amount of sleep you require.

6.  When you've got something good, enjoy it.  Don't be so worried about the day it's gone that you forget to relish the good stuff.  

7.  Keep a clean house.  Life is better managed when all your stuff is in neat piles.

8.  Explore everything.  Even if it doesn't immediately appear to be interesting.  You never know what you'll find.  

9.  Be flexible.  On several occasions, we moved Beezus from cage to cage, room to room.  He never complained. 

10. Never rob anyone of the opportunity to comfort you.  

     So, there you have it.  

     Yesterday, Scarlett Ball was on the floor, enjoying the afternoon sun that was streaming through the windows and we just sat for a good long while.  She likes being petted, and I like to pet so we are a good pair, Scarlett and I.  

     Sometimes, when we are together, I think about a time in my life when she will no longer be with us.  I have to be careful because sometimes, my brain goes to That Place.  That very dark and scary and worrisome place and I start to fret about doggie cancer, and cars and broken fences and dog-nappers.  Then I feel extremely guilty because I think if Tim spent the entire time cuddling with ME secretly worrying about MY demise, I would probably not like that very much.  

     So instead, I chose to think about Good Things.  Lots and lots of good things this dog has yet to see.  A someday-new-house, a baby, a bigger bed to sleep in (Queen size, please), more bugs to chase, new friends at the dog park, the list goes on.  

Love and better outlooks, 



Cassie said...

UGH I keep trying to post a comment and then it doesn't work. So, if you get like 5 comments from me varying only slightly from one another, that's why.

Anyway, I think this was a great post and captures perfectly what a dog can teach you. It's amazing how our pets shape our lives, and how a pet can completely reflect on its owner's personality. They go through so much with us, and it's always devastating to lose a pet. It's been awhile since I went through a traumatic dog loss, but now that one of my dogs is 12, I'm worried there aren't more than a few years left. Trying not to let my mind go there, though. I've got some pretty awesome friends in them. :)


ajs {of MN} said...

LOVE #5 thank you. :) also... thanks for the double comment ;) i look forward to following your fun blog- thanks for checking mine out as well. happy weekend xo A

Betty said...

I can completely relate with the dog worries...I don't want to think about our life without our dog...he's such a part of our family!

But do look forward to new things in life (we just got a queen bed about a month ago and it's amazing!).

Holly said...

How sad is it that one of our DREAM purchases is a QUEEN BED...haha. ENJOY IT! :)