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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Let's be honest. This is a post about fish.

     Our room is too hot and our bed is way too small considering we have 2 dogs who like to sleep completely on their sides with all four paws stretched out. I'm also pretty sure that their average body temperatures are 152 degrees at night, which also doesn't help much.  While this is not my photo, it will give you an idea of what I'm talking about.  

See what I mean?  

     So it's 5:57, and I feel like an old lady...well, maybe not an OLD lady, but at least a lady going through menopause (which, last time I checked, I am not).  Maybe it's because of the conversations I've had/overheard with women in the past, but I always associate being too hot and not being able to sleep with women in their 40's-60's (which I also am not, by the way).  It is as if I've aged 20 years in one night...if that's the case then, dang our goldfish have lived a long time. 

Who knew I'm FUNNY this early in the morning? 

This leads me to my next rant.  

     Today (which I guess by now is technically YESTERDAY), I bought buttons on clearance at Hobby Lobby, Ralph Lauren Shoes at Goodwill, and 2 tropical fish.  That's random, I know.  

I think the fish are called Platys?  It bothers me to break a typical phonics rule by not changing the y to an i and adding "es."  Same goes for the word "monkeys," but let's move on.  

We'll call them fish.  

     As of 2 minutes ago, these "fish" were still alive which is honestly a surprise, but a good one nonetheless.  Tim & I?  Well, we are bad at fish.  I have come to realize that everyone is bad with something.  Some people are bad with houseplants (which I rock at, by the way).  For other people it's cats or italian food or even babies.  

But we are bad at fish. 

     And I'm honestly not sure why.  Based on what little research I have done, I have an inkling (how long has it been since you've used THAT word? My guess is too long), but its totally drawn out and boring, and there's no way I'm going to use words like "ammonia," and "nitrates" on here.  


     And I know there are people who would get on here and say,

      "Hey yourstruly, do a little research before you buy poor defenseless fish and then unintentionally kill them with your hard water and your high ph levels and your nitrates, you fish-hating hussy."  

For which I would have no response.  Well, no immediate response at least.  More on that later.   

     Yesterday, I was in line at Taco Bell (I ordered off the 'fresco menu' thank you very much).  There was a little girl standing in line with her mom, and they were rough-lookin'.  You know...dirty faces...torn clothing...tattered shoes. 

And I just got somewhat-sort-of-disgusted.  As in, Lady, take better care of your kid.  

But then she got to the counter and sat her daughter on the edge and the two had the most loving interaction.  

My bad.  

     So I guess what I'm saying is that maybe we should go a little easy on people.  Maybe we should realize that everybody is bad with something, but there are some people out there who still mix chemicals and pour in fish flakes and test water temperatures.  There are some people out there who are doing the best they can...but are still bad.  

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I love your signature! How did you get such a thing and where can I find one?! SO cute!