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Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Project of Sorts or Eliciting your help

      I am thinking about doing a little "craft project" for the top of the piano in our living room.  I am in need of a song lyric or quote.  I wanted to do something about "love," but am also tossing around quotes from old church hymns and single words alone.  The only catch is that because of the nature of the project, it has to be SHORT (barely a complete sentence).  I'm finding this either makes it really, really easy or that much more difficult!  I was hoping you Creative Types could come up with something adorable and catchy that I have yet to discover!  

      I wanted something other than the typical things like, "Live, Laugh, Love,"  etc. 

Feel free to throw in your 2 cents or tell me your fave. from the list below.  

THANKS for your help! 

Love is gonna lead you by the hand. The Mountain Goats

Love, Love, here we are. Pablo Neruda

Love will find you in the end. Mates of State

Love is on its way... Leeland

Great is thy faithfulness... (old-school hymn) 

Oh, how He loves us...  David Crowder Band


 (I just thought the word "enough" was kind of know, as a reminder for us to be happy with what we have)  

Love and in dire need of help, 


Holly Swaney said...

"Music is love in search of a word."

My mom's best friend gave a bookmark to her with this quote on it and its been on the refrigerator since I was a kid.

Kate said...

These two just popped into my mind: "And the greatest of these is love"...?


"Love knows no boundaries"?

I'll be keen to see your finished project!

Emma @ She Got Married said...

...I love the 'enough'. Looking forward to seeing it!!! Great idea!

SMB said...

My fave- 'It is well'
And I totes second 'Great is Thy faithfulness'!

Good luck and can't wait to see what you come up with! I'm so un-crafty!

:) Sarah

~Dawn~ said...

I'm a new follower and I vote for "Enough", it's simple but says so much! :)

Dawn @ Mom-a-Logues